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Vacmaster 240V Artificial Grass Vacuum Cleaner - Blue & Black

SKU 514371

Vacmaster 240V Artificial Grass Vacuum Cleaner - Blue & Black


The Vacmaster Outdoor Wet & Dry Garden Vacuum and Leaf Blower has an extra long 10m Cable for Cleaning your astroturf, patio, decking, gutter & pond.

Wet & Dry Cleaning

Includes a washable wet & dry cartridge filter which does not need to be changed between wet and dry use. For best results on artificial grass, wet your AstroTurf with a garden hose before using the vacuum.

Designed for Outdoors

Comes with an extra-long detachable 10m cable for use around the garden and wide-stance castors that ensure stability across uneven surfaces, like AstroTurf, decking, or paving stones.

Specialist Tools

Includes an innovative moulded floor head specifically for gentle cleaning of fake grass without damaging it or removing the infill, as well as a brass bristle brush head for removing stubborn moss and weeds from patio areas.

Blower Function

Plug the suction hose into the exhaust port to turn the vacuum cleaner into an effective leaf blower in autumn.

On-Board Storage

The extension tubes, attachments, and tools can all be stored on the vacuum cleaner, which won't take up much space in your shed or garage.