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uRage PC Steering Wheel & Pedals

SKU 186044

URAGE Gaming Racing Wheel GripZ 500 Incl. Pedals

Item number 186044

URAGE Gaming Steering Wheel GripZ 500 Incl Pedal Set

  • For a precise and realistic driving experience
  • Fully rubberised steering wheel for improved grip
  • Built-in motor for vibration
  • Extra-strong suction cup for firm grip
  • Steering range of 180°
  • USB port

On the classic "Need for Speed", race round bends and stealthily force your opponent off the road: the rubberised steering wheel stays firmly in your grip even during daring overtaking manoeuvres. Feel the surface of the road with all its imperfections thanks to the vibration effect.

System Requirements
Operating system: Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista