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TP-Link P9 Hybrid Powerline Mesh WiFi System

SKU DecoP9

Seamless WiFi throughout your entire home

Say goodbye to WiFi dead spots and make sure you always have the best internet connection throughout your home with the TP-Link Deco P9 Whole Home WiFi System. Whatever the size or layout of your home, the Deco P9 supports up to 100 devices. That's all the phones, tablets, laptops, consoles and smart TVs you could want.

The Deco P9 also works as a router, access point or range extender, so you get even more ways to improve your Internet experience.

Through the walls

The Deco P9 uses your wall electrical wiring to get the signal through and make the connection between your Deco units much stronger. With your WiFi going through the walls, you'll have a hard time finding a weak spot in your home.

Easy setup with Deco App

And as you move around the house, your phone, tablet or laptop will automatically join the best connection without you having to sign in multiple times or switch networks. It's also really easy to set up - just download the app and you'll be guided through setup.