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Nedis Smart Bluetooth RGB TV LED Strip 2m


SmartLife Full Colour LED Strip

Bluetooth | RGB / Warm White | 2000 mm | IP20 | 2700 K | 380 lm | Android™ / IOS

Improve your TV viewing experience with this SmartLife Full Colour Bluetooth LED Strip. Set the mood in any room by controlling the brightness and colour in the Nedis® SmartLife application on your smartphone while you’re within Bluetooth range. The LED strip combines both RGB and white LEDs. This allows you to set an endless number of colours to suit your mood or the occasion, but you can also use it for everyday warm white indirect lighting.

Watching TV in a dark room gives the best viewing experience. However, this can be exhausting for your eyes, due to the large light difference between the TV screen and the dark surroundings. This LED strip solves all these problems while illuminating the TV with a dimmable light of an adjustable colour that does not reflect on the screen.

The LED strip connects directly to your smartphone using Bluetooth, so no Wi-Fi connection or separate hub is required. The strip can be used anywhere, as long as you have access to an active USB port. You can easily plug the LED strip into the USB port of your television or computer to turn your home into a private cinema or gaming stadium, or simply connect the LED strip to a wall charger, car charger, or a power bank and use it on the go.

To increase flexibility and maximize your placement options, this LED strip is not covered with a silicone coating allowing you to make sharp corners and tight turns to place it exactly where you want. The prepared 3M tape on the back enables easy fixation.

The length of 2 metres can be shortened at every 33 mm by simply cutting it with a pair of scissors, so the LED strip is suitable for every TV.


Included in this price is a contribution to recycling costs of €0.05