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MS ENERGY x10 eScooter Black/Green

SKU 0001221063

For all adrenaline lovers, the Extreme series of eScooter provides exactly this feeling!

For all adrenaline lovers, the Extreme series of eScooter provides exactly this feeling! Two powerful 1,000 watt engines will bring you to the top of every ascent. Large-stroke shock absorbers and robust 10″ tires will ensure safe off-road driving with maximum comfort. The powerful battery, a strong three-speed engine and a large silicone tread, provide the ideal ride with higher speed, power and range of up to 75km in ECO driving mode! With just one push of a button, you’re moving a tame city scooter into a powerful SUV powered on both wheels, but don’t forget your helmet! The front and rear disc brakes are taken care of for safe stopping. The robust and collapsible mechanism provides mobility and easy use.

55-75 km


25 km/h




2x1000 W


120 Kg

Max. Capacity

32 kg


It has regenerative charging, with which, every time you slow down, the regenerative system recharges the battery and allows for an even greater number of kilometers traveled with your scooter, with only one battery charge.

10” tubeless tyres
Front and rear disc brakes, ensure a safe stop even at such speeds.

In addition to the front and rear LED lights, the scooter also has a side blue light on it. Which in addition to helping to spot the driver, contributes to the design and pumped-up appearance.

Single-charge range up to as much as 75 km.

You can drive x10 in single or dual mode, up to 65km/h.

x10 is made of solid aluminum, and the wide tread is coated with rubber.

Safe, convenient and foldable eRomobile for every day


brushless motor with three speeds of driving

Clear LCD display

Viewing information about current speed, battery status, driving mode
Automatic cruise control that will recognize the driving speed itself and keep it as long as you want it


Wheel Size 10″
Frame Type Aluminum
Color Black and green
Engine 2×1000 W
Maximum speed 25 km/h
Battery 52 V, 18 Ah
Charging time 9am-10am
Range 55-75 km* (*depending on terrain configuration, weather conditions and driving style)
Brake Type Front and rear disc brakes
Maximum load 120 kg
More options Folding, 3 modes of operation. ECO, MID, HIGH (Single & Dual engine), Lock/Unlock and alarm remote control, Front and rear high-stroke shock absorber
Weight 32 kg
Display (show) LCD (speed, speed mode, battery level, ODO/TRIP,  battery voltage and error code, light switching on), 4 keys + left side of the steering wheel: button 1 or 2 engine, siren button
Light Front and rear LED, breaklights
Dimensions (L) 1300 x (W) 670 x (H) 1220 mm
Dimensions after assembly (L) 1300 x (W) 670 x (H) 510 mm