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MS ENERGY e21 eScooter White

SKU 0001247588

The only urban eRomobile with a range of up to 90 km and a removable battery

The new e series is ideal for all those who will use the scooter every day. The powerful battery, a powerful engine with three driving speeds and a larger silicone tread, provides an ideal ride with a higher speed and range of up to 90km. The big 10″ air wheels, and the front and rear disc brakes, make driving comfortable without the need for frequent stops on bumps and obstacles common on city roads. When braking, the electric rear brake restores energy to the battery, charging it, and the solid and folding mechanism provides mobility and easy use. When the ride is not needed, fold the scooter and take it with you!

75-90 km


25 km/h




500 watts


100 Kg

Max. Capacity

With each slowdown, the regenerative system recharges the battery and allows for an even greater number of kilometres travelled with your e21, with only one battery charge


tubeless tyres
Front and rear mechanical disc brakes with only ventilating discs ensure you have complete control and a safe stop

Range up to 180 km with spare battery

The only eRomobile on the market with a removable battery and dream range.

Solid aluminum frame and wide silicone tread

Safe, convenient and foldable eRomobile for every day


brushless motor with three speeds of driving
Peak power do 1.000W

Clear LCD display

Viewing information about current speed, battery status, driving mode
Automatic cruise control that will recognize the driving speed itself and keep it as long as you want it



Wheel size 10′ tires without tubes
Top speed 25 km/h
Aluminum Frame Type
Gray /black color, white, orange
500W engine, brushless engine
Max Power (peak) 1000W
Battery 36V/20.8Ah (replaceable)
Charging time 11 hours
Range 75-90 km
Brake type front and rear mechanical disc brakes
Maximum load 100 kg
Suspension no
Additional folding options
Weight 24 kg
Display Yes, LCD
Light Yes, front and rear LED + reflective tape
Dimensions (D,V,S) 1110 x 530 x 1230 mm
Max. Climb 25°