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Mega Mini Tabletop Arcade System

SKU MegaMini

Mega Mini Tabletop

Retro battleship style multiplayer game
play with over 4000 nostalgic games.
Weight 4.58kg
Height 345mm| Length 465mm | Width 300mm
• 4000+ old-school retro games included.
• Two flatscreen monitors. Duel 10.1" battle capability screens.
• Surround sound features with volume control.
• HDMI compatible for any big screen. VGA compatible for any monitor.
• Manual operating lighting system for surround lighting.
• Highest quality colour coded joysticks and buttons for that
professional retro gamer.
• Anti slip grip for comfort and movement.
• Acrylic screen protection.
• Retro missile style flick switches.
• Easy to use game operation system
with built in index function.
• All of our machines come with a
1 year warranty.