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HIMO C26 comes in Nordic white, space gray and flame red colors to choose from. The frame design made from aluminum alloy adopts the combination of variable diameter triangular section profile technology and water injection molding technology, which is light in weight and high in strength.

The Shimano 7S transmission system is matched with 250W high-speed motor. Although the gear adjustment motor is small in volume and light in weight, the interior of the motor is designed with planetary gears to amplify torque, improve energy efficiency conversion, provide strong power output, reduce idling friction, and avoid reverse resistance caused by the motor when the whole vehicle coasts, thus effectively reducing power loss and increasing cruising mileage.

The C26 uses 52 18650 battery cells with large capacity. The overall body streamline is simple. The battery lock and safety wrench are double protected. The electric endurance can reach 60KM and the power endurance can reach 100KM. During riding, you can switch the triple modes of power, power and manpower at any time, making you the first in the journey across mountains and rivers.

HIMO C26 uses Italian “breathing” SR cushion, which uses special three-dimensional gel structure and RLV technology to integrate elasticity, air permeability, waterproof and comfort, greatly reducing riding burnout and hot feeling of long-distance riding, and winning wide acclaim from cyclists.

KENDA is a professional riding tire with high wear resistance and strong grip. The tread design has the dual effects of reducing rolling friction and preventing sideslip, and has four wide and deep drainage patterns, which can improve the control ability of driving on wet and slippery roads in rainy days, effectively ensure the driving stability and safe braking of urban and outdoor riding, and let happiness walk with you all the way.

The adjustable shock absorber front fork is adopted, the shock absorbing stroke can be opened and closed through the right knob, and the shock absorbing hardness can be fine-tuned through the left knob, providing you with multiple choices of racing and cross-country modes, comfort and long-range modes, and more adapting to changes in various road conditions. Exquisite workmanship, light weight and strength, and good turning control performance.

Both front and rear disc brakes use power-off sensors to replace the traditional brake lines, with simple appearance, stable braking and outstanding performance. The three-finger brake handle integrates high decibel bell, and the whole brake system is made of aluminum alloy, which makes the operation feel soft and sensitive, the braking force is easy to master, and it is more worry-free and safer.


Motor: 250W
Max Speed: 25KM / H
Max Load: 100KG
Battery Life: 650 cycles
Charging Time: 5-6H
Frame Material: Aluminum Allo
Battery Removable: Yes
Support Pedal: Yes
Cruise At Fixed Speed: Yes
Target Population: General
Product Weight: 25kg
Meter: Three-speed switch, one-button switch
Wheel: Spoke wheel
Shock Absorption: Fork Shock Absorption