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Edifier M601DB 110w RMS 2.1 System

SKU m601db

M601DB Edifier

Edifier multimedia speakers with wireless subwoofer are the perfect choice for anyone who dreams of great aesthetics and exceptional sounds. The Bluetooth V5.1 version with Qualcomm aptX technology provides simple and convenient operation for many modern models. Besides, M601DB also features wide compatibility through universal inputs. Built-in panel with functional buttons and included remote control will also make it easy to adjust the most important settings.


Digital signal processing

A class-D amplifier and advanced DSP technology effectively eliminate annoying distortion. It allows the device to work even more efficiently, maintaining crystal clear sound under all conditions. In addition, the 0.5-inch tweeter, 3.5-inch midrange driver and 8-inch subwoofer are responsible for proper tonal balance.

Many possibilities

With Bluetooth 5.1 and functional aptX decoding, stable audio can be transmitted wirelessly from Bluetooth-enabled devices. It offers lightning-fast transmission with wide range, without any interference or delay. Say goodbye to all compatibility problems, as the M601DB speakers are also equipped with numerous inputs, including Line In, AUX, optical, and coaxial. What's more, the three-tone indicator light lets you know which audio source you are listening to.

Comfortable operation

Two adjustment methods make using the speakers trivially easy. Using the special control panel and the included remote control, you can quickly control the volume, mode and power. You don't have to get up from your comfortable chair, because the included remote control allows you to operate the set from anywhere.

Classic character

Edifier speakers are suitable for any stylish room. Elegant, yet practical design is a great solution for demanding music enthusiasts. The applied wooden cabinet concept enables hours of entertainment by completely eliminating acoustic resonance. M601DB has a deep interior, guaranteeing unforgettable immersive experience.


Producent Edifier
Model M601DB
Bluetooth version V5.1
Audio codecs SBC, aptX
Audio inputs Line In, AUX, Optical, Coaxial, Bluetooth
Frequency response R/L: 140Hz-20kHz; SW: 50Hz-170Hz
Input sensitivity AUX: R/L: 450±50mV; SW: 250±20mV; Line in: R/L: 550±50mV; SW: 250±20mV; Optical/Coaxial: R/L: 400±50mFFs; SW: 250±20mFFs; Bluetooth: R/L: 500±50mFFs; SW: 250±20mFFs
Power output (RMS) 110W (R/L:20W+20W SW:70W)
Signal-to-noise ratio R/L: ≥85dB(A); SW: ≥75dB(A)
Noise level ≤25dB(A)