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Lifty Kaabo Skywalker 8

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Kaabo Skywalker 8 - 21Ah electric scooter
You certainly already know the Kaabo Skywalker 8. This time, the Kaabo brand offers you this model with a more powerful battery. The light and foldable electric scooter of the brand, it accompanies you daily in all your travels.
Its advantageous price makes this model interesting and allows it to stand out from the competition. We can also notice its original and modern design.
Technical characteristics of the Kaabo Skywalker 8 - 21Ah
Even if this electric scooter has a small size, it has good performance. Just like the Skywalker 8 - 10.4Ah, the 21Ah has a 350W motor. The scooter is sold clamped at 25 km / h *.
Where this model stands out is in the battery. Indeed, it is 36V21Ah. Thus, the autonomy will be greater than its little sister, the 10.4Ah. Thanks to its more powerful battery, this Skywalker has a range of 50 to 65 km. This then allows you to travel long distances.
Summary of technical characteristics:
Motor: 350W
Battery: 36V21Ah
Range: 50 to 65 km
Speed: 25 km / h
Weight: 18 kg
Comfort & safety of the electric scooter
In terms of comfort, the scooter offers real suspensions placed at the front. They then allow the various shocks present on the road to be absorbed. Then take advantage of your rides and trips.
Added to that are 8 inch tires. These tires are solid at the rear and inflatable at the front. This then provides comfort and good road holding. Thanks to these tires, it is unlikely to burst. Which represents a significant advantage.
Benefit from significant braking safety thanks to its drum and electric brake system. Whether you have "normal" braking or emergency braking, this scooter will stop quickly. This new version of the Skywalker 8 ranks its engine at the front to gain traction.
That's not all, the Skywalker 8 - 21Ah also has a cruise control and speed limiter. It is also equipped with three different driving modes. This allows you to control your speed during your rides.

Summary :

Front tire: inner tube
Rear tire: solid
LCD screen
Regulator + speed limiter

Power: 350W
36V21Ah battery
Range: 50 - 65 km
Max Speed: 25 km / h (according to law) *
Front suspensions
Brakes: Drum + electric
Solid rear tire + front inflatable
Slope: 20%
Weight: 18 kg
LED lighting
Max load supported: 120 kg
Folded length: 103 cm
Folded height: 35 cm
Folded width: 20 cm
Unfolded length: 107.5 cm
Unfolded height: 82 cm min - 115 cm max
Unfolded width: 52.5 cm
Brake light: Yes
Period of availability of spare parts: 2 years