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Ninebot Max G30 Long Range battery up to 65km. Review

Ninebot Max G30 Long Range battery up to 65km. Review

The Max is the refinement of the urban scooter concept, the spiritual successor to the M365 Pro . This is a chonky, hefty, commuter scooter - that is still fun. We love the design of this scooter. Some of Ninebot past design tendencies have been a bit bland - even pedestrian. Perhaps, then this is where Ninebot's influence has weighed in. Clearly built for consumers and the sharing market, the Ninebot Max has this industrial look to it, like it could be used on the factory floor, shuttling workers and engineers off to build next-gen mecha.


The Max G30's performance, both in speed, and general feel also support this. You don't pick the Ninebot for just pure fun. It has purpose, and when you are riding it, it spurs you on to do things. As a new scooter rider, this is a small revelation. Part of it is novelty, absolutely. You can just float along to your destination, stop instantly and step off. Chat with a stranger, and then off you go - adventure awaits. And this is where it differs from other mode of transportion such as a bike and e-bikes. At slower speeds, you can just step off, pause and then accelerate off. It makes you more approachable and also makes you want to approach others. The Ninebot Max signifies that scooter and personal EVs are here to stay. Ninebot is setting the bar at this price point for a balance of speed-and-range matched with the type of machining you could only get out of major manufacturing. In fact, We think they are taking a page out of Apple's book - less so than Tesla. This isn't the equivalent of your maxed out gaming PC - with wires hanging everywhere and flashing LEDs - this has as few shapes as possible, opting for modest performance with high-grade materials and finish. It's a joy to own and to use. We found this revision, the G30P, to actually be quite snappy, especially in sport. Out-of-the-box and charged, We easily got this up to 31km/h. Torque felt good. It isn't the best hill climber, but works fine on most slopes. Peter has tried the e-scooter and he is not too fit and carting this around can be a bit of exercise - so it may not be the first choice for someone looking for the best e-scooter.

We absolutely love the design, the built and the quality of this e-scooter have. you can get yours from our store now.

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